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Advanced Package - All 3 courses + complete master class +lifetime consultation

By Organic Farming Expert Mr. Lakshay Dabas

Language: Hindi, English

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Course Description

This is a Package and not a stand-alone Course. This Package is a combination of all of our three courses, plus live Q&A, and also one-on-one doubt clearing sessions. As an exclusive benefit, you will get a chance to visit the premises of Organic Acre to see farming practices first-hand and enjoy the farm life and farm-fresh food, in the company of some very passionate organic farmers.

This package is ideal for practicing organic farmers (the ones who are facing problems related to organic farming while pursuing the course) because, unlike any other package or course, this package includes Live Q&A Sessions where you get the exclusive and highly beneficial opportunity of consulting with the experts and solve the problems you are facing on the farm.

This package has everything useful we have learned during our 40 years of practicing natural farming. This package presents you with all the pros and cons of practicing organic farming in India and that way helps you understand the business of organic farming better. Knowing the pros and cons beforehand and in the form of an educational course helps you save money and make wiser business decisions. Instead of investing your money in setting up an organic farm today and then learn from it, take our course by spending a fraction of the amount to consult with our experts and learn from their knowledge, and become a successful organic farmer.

This course includes many important topics like Sustainability, Nursery setup, Organic Pesticides Preparation And Application, Horticulture, Permaculture, Vermicomposting, Seasonal Vegetable Production Plan (Region Specific), How To Become a Certified Organic Farmer, Marketing Your Organic Products, and much more...

What Will You Get

  • 250+ Recommended Reading Material
  • 160+ Video Lectures
  • Weekly Live QnA Sessions
  • 8 live classes during 2 months time
  • Webinars With Experts
  • Complimentary Farm Visit and Meal
  • Certificate of course completion
  • *Not to be misunderstood with Organic Farmer Certificate given by government agencies.
  • Lifetime access 

Package Contents


Scope Of Organic Farming

Classification Of Organic Farming

Parma culture 


Difference between organic farming and conventional farming

Scope of organic farming 

Land Preparation

Soil type 

Basic knowledge of vegetable growing cycle



Water quality 

Water sources 

Rainwater harvesting 

Organic Nutrient Management

Integrated Pest Management 

Weed Management




Key Practices For Success

And more....

How to Use

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You can access your courses in the following ways :

  • Type in your web browser
  • Click log-in on the top-right corner of the webpage
  • Use the id and password you used during registration to log in and access the reading material and other course material
  • To watch or access the next video, one must complete the current video, this restriction has been put in place to ensure that you learn the whole thing in the first video before moving on to the next one.
  • This course has been designed for you to learn even the smallest things about organic farming, hence we recommend you to learn from each and every resource(videos, books, notes) provided with the course.

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