Market Organic Products


Market Organic Products

Market Organic Products

Language: Hindi, English

Instructors: Organic Farming Expert Mr. Lakshay Dabas

Validity Period: 500 days

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If you are considering this course, we believe you have already harvested the bumper benefits of the other two courses, and now have very fine organic produce. All we can say, fine produce, deserved a fine price, which is where this course will help. After the course, you will be able to target the right market and grow your customer base exponentially.



Course Syllabus (20:00)
Post Harvest Management module 14(1) (20:00)
Packaging module 14(2) (19:00)
Logistics mod 14(3) (20:00)
Delivery and hygiene promotional video for Customers
Certification mod 15 final (6:00)
Organic certifications | Overview (15:00)
India Organic Certification (8:00)
PGS India Organic Farming certification (14:00)
FSSAI Registration, Food Licence, Javik Bharat (21:00)
Marketing Basics 1 (23:00)
Differentiating ourselves (2) (22:00)
Own Shop, Building connections, Collaborations, White labelling (3) (17:00)
Farm cafe, farm stay, agro education, workshops, Farm visits (4) (26:00)
B2B Marketing (30:00)
part 5 (12:00)
Part 6 (16:00)
Part 7 (25:00)
NPOP Training Manual (78 pages)
NATIONAL PROGRAMME FOR ORGANIC PRODUCTION (NPOP) organic certification (238 pages)
Jaivik Bharat (3 pages)
SSOCA fees structure for certification (3 pages)
NPOF Guidelines (36 pages)
NPOP Organic Inputs (76 pages)
USDA (542 pages)
PGS India Operational Manual (76 pages)
Operational Manual for Local Groups (47 pages)
PGS operational manual (51 pages)
Social analysis of organic certification (12 pages)
willingness to pay for organic food (16 pages)
Purchase pattern Usa:India (20 pages)
Vegetable buying behaviour (28 pages)
Organic food products export study (52 pages)
Organic risk and opportunities (34 pages)
marketing ORGANIC PRODUCTS (48 pages)
Assocham organic market (52 pages)
Retail Fruit & Vegetable Marketing Guide (56 pages)
Branding (6 pages)
Tomato pricing north india (6 pages)
Organic Product trade India (175 pages)
Ripe for the Picking India (8 pages)
Secret of Selling (141 pages)
Art of Selling (29 pages)
Globalization of Organic Agro-Food Network (19 pages)
organic Exporter_contact_Details_2014 (28 pages)
Dynamic pricing of perishable products (21 pages)
Time dependent demand (4 pages)
Consumers’ perception of organic product characteristics (10 pages)
Egrocery shopping india study (6 pages)
A Study on Organic food market - NCR region (28 pages)
Vegetable Supply Chain Bihar (13 pages)
ifoam local marketing initiatives (48 pages)
conducting market research (10 pages)
Organic survey East Africa (76 pages)
Organic produce market survey (37 pages)
Looking east - organic trend (241 pages)
Status, Trends and Prospects of Organic Farming in India (12 pages)
Internet Penetration
Impact of Reliance JIO on the ecommerce marketing (5 pages)
Shifting of Loyalties (7 pages)
Jio impact (7 pages)
E- commercein india creating the bricks behind the clicks (11 pages)
E-Commerce In India Future And Its Perspective (7 pages)
Understanding Delhi
Study of natural and organic food market in Delhi NCR (84 pages)
Delhi household consumer expenditure (72 pages)
Economic profile of Delhi (329 pages)
Delhi Demographic (10 pages)
Delhi full census 2011 (592 pages)
delhi csnsus highlights 2011 (16 pages)
Delhi organic study (84 pages)
E riqusha Guidline for Licencing (11 pages)
Drganic food market delhi study (14 pages)
Record Keeping
record_keeping (30 pages)

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  • This course has been designed for you to learn even the smallest things about organic farming, hence we recommend you to learn from each and every resource(videos, books, notes) provided with the course.

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